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Expanded Control Metrics

New and existing controls will now show the unit you are setting as the threshold. When choosing the metric this unit is displayed in the input You are now able to use more metrics in the control edit and add section. We added the following metrics:

  • Quality Score
  • Unit Cost
  • Daily Output by FTE
  • Mood
  • Inventory
  • Touches per Key Task
  • Input
  • Temporary Hours
  • Spans of Control
  • CI Opportunity
  • Cadence Completion

Some new metrics are only meaningfully for grouping by the group instead of users, so we limited the selection to group by the group.

When selecting a metric you will see that they are now grouped by their category which is familiar from the navigation (Workload, Performance, Resources, Engagement, Process)

create a control

Sample team

You will now see a sample team in your workspace, that you can use for your own testing. The team has a few dummy users with daily checkins automatically created. We hope you find this particularly useful in setting up your new account and seeing how Bramble works and will look when data is present.

sample team

Improvements and Fixes

  • Adds contextual help article links on most pages.
  • Added the Intercom messenger for in-app support
  • Improves the layout of Plans and Checkin headings and buttons.
  • Improved usability of hyperlinks throughout the app.
  • Fixed a bug where legends were appearing too close to charts.
  • You can now filter by work location on the Resources report
  • Improved the layout of dashboard statistic cards at smaller screen resolutions
  • Fixed a bug where tasks could not be added if there were multiple whitespaces in their name
  • Improves the error message when file uploads fail due to network problems
  • Page counts now only count whats filtered (totals were removed)
  • Settings > Users has been renamed to Settings > People
  • Settings > Process tabs reordered and Production Tasks are now first
  • Tooltips are now less intrusive with a new half-second delay
  • Fixed a bug when creating Task Event Templates
  • Fixed a bunch of user interface inconsistencies
  • Fixed a bug where reprocessing events resulted in incorrect task volumes
  • Fixed a bug on checkins where the total count is counting entries
  • Added pagination on People listing table
  • Fix a bug on My Day where the order of production tasks constantly changes when the user updates an entry
  • Fix a bug where the team contributor tour starts freezing
  • Added new links available to cadence schedules